Mark Edwards - September 26, 2021

We the Church are the Temple of the Holy Spirit

Pastor Mark highlights that the church offers Hope, Light and Peace and the opportunity to be part of God's family. Additionally we can experience the power of the Holy Spirit through this family. Series: The Ephesus Church Key Verse: Ephesians 2: 11-22 Key points; - Being saved is a movement from one sphere of life to another - God intended the church to be a place for all with no barriers or special places for select people - The church offers hope, light, peace, joy and forgiveness - You don't have to offer sacrifice - You don't have to be a certain gender, ethnic group or holiness quotient to come - Racism, sexism, selfishness and violence have no place within the church - If one suffers, we all suffer - We not only accept Jesus as an individual but accept joining the body of believers as a family The Church is the 'Temple' of the Holy Spirit. (Think... the collective body of believers rather than the building...) Stay tuned for more on the 'Temple' in coming weeks Questions to ponder; - How have you welcomed someone to experience the Church? - Ask God through Prayer to show you your purpose as a member of the Church New? Have questions? Want prayer?

Scripture References: Ephesians 2:11-22

From Series: "Ephesus Church"

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Message: “We the Church are the Temple of the Holy Spirit” from Mark Edwards