Mark and Karen Wilson - October 31, 2021

Walk as if there are 3 in your marriage. Your partner, your self and Jesus.

Karen and Mark Wilson share from 37 years of experience in a marriage and expand their experience and the messages in Ephesians 5:21-33. After receiving the gift of the Good News of the Gospel…. How then should we live a worthy life? The Gospel story should reshape our own story and how we should live - in our homes - in our workplace - in our relationships In Ancient time - there was a household code of conduct between; - husband and wife - parents and children - slaves and master In the ancient world the man was the boss and in that context slaves, wives and children were often mis-treated as objects. Jesus enters the world and changes the context. He reminds us we are all created in the image of God and there should be inherent dignity in the way all humans are treated. Jesus came in grace and spoke the truth and broke the structures of power by serving. Practical applications for us; Use the Cross as a reminder symbol of the power of submission to create lives of victory and be filled with the Holy Spirit. 1. Mutual Submission. Be willing submit yourself to each other. 2. Understanding Headship as servanthood. Giving your own life for the good of the other. Use Jesus as the prime example. Strength in posturing yourself to serve. 3. Serving one another. Less selfish and less independent. 4. God’s grace is needed. Seek his Spirit through prayer, wisdom and grace 5. Marriage can be great. Marriage can be the best fertile ground to experience God’s grace. Unwavering commitment to faithfulness. Carve out time for fun Listening to one another Do great things together Surround yourself with people with great marriages Walk as there are 3 in your marriage, your partner, your self and Jesus.

Scripture References: Ephesians 5:21-33

From Series: "Ephesus Church"

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Message: “Walk as if there are 3 in your marriage. Your partner, your self and Jesus.” from Mark and Karen Wilson