Ephesus Deep Dive

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Go Deeper with God and His word

Monday 20th September

Read this Scripture from The Passion Translation

Tuesday 21st September

Read this commentary. Please note some people question whether Paul wrote the book of Ephesians. Most believe he did. There is some comprehensive material here. Just enjoy the bits that resonate with you. Working Preacher

Wednesday 22nd September

Watch and listen to this video from Hillsong in Israel. Reflect on the beautiful words. 

Thursday 23rd September

Think about the moment when you first became a Christian. Thank God right now for how He led you to Himself. Think about the last time you really messed up and sinned in a way that disappointed yourself. Thank God for His incredible forgiveness and love for you. When He sees you He sees His child, someone He loves and thinks the best of. Pray and thank God for His amazing grace and love for you.

Friday 24th September

Enjoy this meditative reading of the passage