Ephesus Deep Dive

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Monday 15th November

What is the full armour of God?

The Full Armour of God

Tuesday 16th November

So this is a challenging one! This Podcast is long. Around 1 hour and 15 minutes. Maybe you could download it and listen to it over a few days? It is an in-depth study of Spiritual Warfare. I may not endorse everything they say, but it is worth a listen to decide for yourself.

Listen to this Podcast from The Bible Project

Wednesday 17th November

What does it mean to ‘Pray in the Spirit”

This article is helpful.

Read this article

Thursday 18th November

Spend some time in prayer today for those affected by Covid. Pray also for those uncertain about the vaccines. We pray that our state would be opened soon and that we would be safe to do so. Pray for Mark Magowan that he would be guided by the Holy Spirits wisdom.

Friday 19th November

Hey! Finish the week with some victory and a song. Turn this one up wherever you are and enjoy.

The Battle is Yours