Ephesus Deep Dive

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Go Deeper with God and His word

Monday 11th October

The Amplified version of the Bible uses the literal meaning of each word of the Bible and attempts to add a fuller meaning to the scriptures. It is almost like a Thesaurus of the original text. Enjoy our reading this week using the Amplified version.

Read this Scripture Ephesians 4:1-16

Tuesday 12th October

Here is an overview of Ephesians 4.1-16

Enjoy this overview

Wednesday 13th October

If we know the history of Ephesus and the reason behind why Paul wrote this letter it may help us to understand the letter more fully. This is an interesting history lesson on Ephesus and particular some of the conflict there. Take a few minutes to read this one.

Early Church History

Thursday 14th October

Pray for unity in our church, Inglewood Church today. Pray we will grow in our love for each other and our community.

Pray for your role in the church. Ask God to reveal to you gifting and how you might serve Jesus.

Friday 15th October

Enjoy this beautiful song as a reflection and end of the working week.

“God of Abraham, God of covenant and of faithful promises
Time and time again You have proven You’ll do just what you said

Though the storms may come and the winds may blow I’ll remain steadfast
And let my heart learn when you speak a word it will come to pass

Great is your faithfulness to me
Great is your faithfulness to me
From the rising sun, to the setting same
I will praise your name
Great is your faithfulness to me”

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