Ephesus Deep Dive

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Go Deeper with God and His word

Monday 4th October

The Message Translation is a great translation of the scripture for devotional reading. Read the whole chapter here in one sitting. The translator has a view on who the heavenly observers are. See this for yourself but also allow the beauty of the passage to soar in your soul.

Read Ephesians 3 Message Translation

Tuesday 5th October

This is a good study of the whole of chapter 3. The writer summarises well how the passage fits together.

Ephesians 3 Study

Wednesday 6th October

I enjoyed this article. While not all of it applies to us fortunate ones in Western Australia, the Biblical encouragement around the church is good!.

This is an article on the Church during a pandemic

Thursday 7th October

Here is a video from Elevation Worship. This song glorifies God by expressing our collective desire to experience the Holy Spirit’s Presence and preach Christ to the masses.

Pray, sing along and watch. 

Friday 8th October

As you finish what may have been a busy week, have a read on this encouraging devotion.

Read this devotion