Ephesus Deep Dive

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Go Deeper with God and His word

Monday 8th November

Today I encourage you to have a look back over the last couple of weeks and read in context our scripture today.

Ephesians 5:20-6:9

Tuesday 9th November

This article may not apply to you at your stage of life. However you may find it interesting none the less. It uses some biblical principles to suggest at some points in raising children we need to remove choices from them. This is something I suggest should happen earlier in life.

Have a read and make up your own mind.

Choice Addiction

Wednesday 10th November

This commentary explores some of the words in our reading and has a look ahead to next week as well.


Thursday 11th November

Pray today for all the children who are part of our Inglewood Community. Include in your prayers the many toddlers who attend Toddler Jam. Pray they may be raised in homes who love Jesus. Pray for the many teenagers who attend our youth group. Well over half of them come from non-church families. What an incredible opportunity we have as a church. Pray for Jess Abraham and Shanae Lambert as they lead these ministries.

Friday 12th November

The issue of slavery is an unfortunate one for the history of Christianity. There have been seasons where churches have endorsed slavery and misused passages such as this one in Ephesians to justify it.

This thoughtful and in-depth article on slavery is helpful.

Christians Masters