Ephesus Deep Dive

You have come to the final week! Enjoy this one and I hope you have found this helpful.

Monday 22nd November

Two for one today!

Read our passage in the Amplified Version

Who was Tychicus

Tuesday 23rd November

Enjoy this word study on prayer

Word Study

Wednesday 24th November

What does it mean to pray in the Spirit?

Thursday 25th November

Find yourself a quiet spot where you can be by yourself for 5 or 10 minutes. Whatever you can do. Firstly pray and thank God. Be grateful and speak to God as your Provider and Carer. Then pray for one person you really want God to help. Imagine that person before God. Bring them to Gods attention and use this phrasing. “God I bring this person before You”. Finally pray for our church, Inglewood Church. Thank God for all the pastors, leaders and volunteers. Pray that every seat would be filled. Pray that we would be led by the Holy Spirit.

Friday 26th November

Watch and listen and join in to this worship video.

Enjoy this video of The Lords Prayer