Ephesus Deep Dive

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Go Deeper with God and His word

Monday 18th October

As we start the week here is a thoughtful devotion on the passage we are focusing on.

Read this Devotion

Tuesday 19th October

Today we are going to focus on one phrase from the passage, what it means to ‘Grieve the Holy Spirit” This thoughtful guide will help.

What it means to Grieve the Holy Spirit

Wednesday 20th October

Today let us read our passage using The Passion Translation. See if you can read it aloud today if you are in the right environment! Imagine you are reading it to a group of Christians hearing it for the first time.

Read aloud

Thursday 21st October

Pray today for our Church, Inglewood Church. That we may continue to grow in unity and love for each other and our community. Pray specifically that today people might come a step closer to Jesus. Pray for someone who you know is troubled. Bring them before God.

Friday 22nd October

This is a great reading to finish the week.

Read this commentary